OURAY COUNTY AG foreclosure lawsuits reveal unfair fees

By Bill Tiedje

The Board of Ouray County Commissioners discussed state foreclosure laws on Aug. 26, with regard to the Colorado Attorney General's civil lawsuits against Colorado's two largest foreclosure law firms, the Castle Law Group and Aronowitz and Mecklenburg.

BOCC Chair Lynn Padgett brought up the topic, noting a knowledgeable citizen told her that these law firms were responsible for "90 some percent" of the foreclosures in Ouray County and wondered whether the county could have done something differently in order to require more documentation for foreclosures.
Padgett indicated she felt this might better be handled as state legislation.
She acknowledged the impact felt by foreclosures in the county in the last five years.
In the civil suit, the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section has charged Castle Law Group, its principals and affiliated foreclosure-related businesses, as well as Aronowitz and Mecklenburg, its principals and affiliated foreclosure-related businesses with violating the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, the Colorado Antitrust Act and the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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