CITY OF OURAY: Who's applying for city council?

By Sheridan Block

With six hopefuls applying for the two city council vacancies, the Plaindealer interviewed each of the candidates to give the community an idea of their qualifications and stances on local issues. At the time of press, candidate Kevin Koprek did not return calls requesting comment. Each applicant submitted a letter of intent to the city explaining their interest and qualifications for city council. Those letters are available to review by clicking on this link.

Q: Why are you interested in running for city council?
Carl Cockle: I’ve run a couple of times and I still feel that I have the experience and knowledge with the city.
Eli Doose: I was born and raised here and my family’s invested in businesses here. We have a lot of interest in growing the community and creating jobs and I feel that the council needs new direction. I want a pro business community.
Dee Hilton: I think the time’s right for me. I’ve been in business here for almost 13 years now and I feel like I have a good pulse on Main Street businesses and the larger community.
Kevin Koprek:
Chad Leaver: I’d been interested in running the last few times but I had another commitment that had me out of town quite a bit and I didn’t think it was fair to run. It’s not just a recent (desire to serve).
Paul Sunderland: I’ve done a lot of various volunteer things around town over the last 20 years, but nothing at the city level. I thought that now’s the time to volunteer at the city level.

Q: What experiences or qualifications do you have to offer the city and council?
CC: I have...

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