Political road signs need to come down

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Dear Editor,
I share the views expressed in Mr. Todd’s July 24 editorial regarding the three road signs that grace the roadsides of Colona, Ouray and Log Hill. They are a hideous eyesore with a political message that is often a rambling, disjointed rant. True, we have a constitutional right to express our opinion. However, that doesn’t mean that we are mandated to exercise that right, especially when the exercise of that right sticks a metaphorical thumb in the eye of the community. I have a Constitutional right to use vulgar and profane language in the presence of young children with legal impunity. However, I exercise restraint in the greater interest of setting a good example and being a decent member of the community. The road signs are a perfect example of narcissistic self-indulgence. They should be taken down in the interests of the greater community.
Kevin Kennedy
Log Hill