OURAY COUNTY Earhart's journey symbolically completed

Shane Jordan snapped this photo of Mt. Kilimanjaro as the duo flew out of Tanzania from aboard their world-rounding Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.
Courtesy photo

By Bill Tiedje

Thousands of miles from the nearest continent, pilots Amelia Rose Earhart and Shane Jordan looked down upon Howland Island, the mid-Pacific landing strip that their predecessor, Amelia Earhart, never reached in her round-the-world flight attempt.

The duo circled the island once before continuing on to tiny Christmas Island, a remote stop on  their flight path, retracing Earhart's journey around the world.
"For her to have the guts and the nerve...," reflected Jordan, in his Log Hill home days after completing Earhart's intended flight path. "Even if you did everything correctly, you still might have a hard time."
Jordan, a seasoned demo pilot, accompanied the younger Earhart, a former 9News traffic reporter, as she completed a lifelong dream to retrace and complete her namesake's historic journey.

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