CITY OF OURAY: Planning commission talks marijuana odors and security

By Sheridan Block

Pot shops are not yet a reality in Ouray, but the city planning commission continues its discussions on possible regulations. At the instruction of city council, the planning commission will organize a set of broad-brushed regulations to help manage the potentially budding industry in town, should voters in November approve allowing marijuana businesses within the community.

Last month, the planning commission decided its recommendation for where retail marijuana stores should be allowed. Commissioners agreed that facilities should be limited to the C-2 zone, north of Skyrocket, with an added distance of 300 feet from residential zones and youth centers. Additionally, buildings would be required to be “stand alone” structures, meaning they cannot occupy a shared space with another facility. Hours of operation would be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and stores would be required to close on Sundays.
During Tuesday evening’s meeting, commissioners visited two other concerns with allowing marijuana facilities in town— odor and security. To help provide direction, the planning commission looked to communities like Telluride and Breckenridge as examples for regulations on those topics.
Odors from a marijuana establishment are a major concern for a small and space-limited community like Ouray. Even though...

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