OURAY COUNTY: County road map adoption continues to be continued

By Sheridan Block

Undergoing several years of work, an updated county road map is finally ready for adoption. However, after discussions at an extended public hearing on Tuesday, the Board of County Commissioners decided to postpone the decision for adoption until the end of the month.

Following the regularly scheduled BOCC meeting on Tuesday, the board continued its public hearing on the on the subject that began on Wednesday, June 25.

During the June 25 portion of the public hearing, a presentation of the revised map was given to the board and public. Geographic Information System specialist Jeff Bockes explained changes made in Exhibit A, a detailed draft of the map which includes numbered primary roads and unnumbered secondary roads as well as Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management roads and trails, and historic railroads. He also presented Exhibit B which consists of historical information that supports the official county road map.
The county road map, which is mandated by state law, was last prepared in 1961. According to proposed Resolution 2014-014, a revised official county road map will "clarify for the public and other agencies, including federal land management agencies, which roads, highways and trails are recognized as county roads." Additionally, all roads, highways and trails are open to the public and shall not be closed to public travel nor restricted by "the placement of gates, fences or other obstacles or obstructions."
When the public comment period was opened on June 25, a number of residents throughout the community voiced their support for the revised map and urged the board to adopt it.
Bob Risch, representing the Ouray Trail group, said he had...

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