OURAY COUNTY: "Companion document" will explain Land Use Code revisions

By Sheridan Block

In response to public comments and concerns received last week regarding revisions to the land use code, County Planner Mark Castrodale will organize a "companion document" to help the public understand these changes.

On Tuesday, Castrodale informed the Board of County Commissioners that the document will serve as an aid for each of the code sections. It will highlight "notable" revisions in the sections and explain the changes and why they were made. He noted that the document will not explain "housekeeping" changes such as reorganization or wordsmithing, nor will it explain how the revisions came about, as it's difficult to recall where each idea for revisions came from — staff, the board or the Ouray County Planning Commission.
Castrodale will strictly work on drafts that have already gone through planning commission public hearings, which is roughly 80 percent of the code, said Castrodale. As the last handful of drafts is approved, he will work on a companion document for those.
It's impossible to track all redlined drafts as far as five years back, he told the BOCC. Even if all the changes could be accurately reflected into a single document, the result would be so extensive and lengthy that it would be difficult to follow.
Instead, the companion document aims to...

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