TOWN OF RIDGWAY Ridgway Real Estate moves downtown

John Meltzer, co-owner of Ridgway Real Estate, in front of the business' new location next to the True Grit Cafe in Ridgway.

Plaindealer photo by Bill Tiedje

By Bill Tiedje

Ridgway Real Estate has started a new chapter in the business's three decade history, moving to a new location next to the True Grit Cafe in downtown Ridgway.

Co-owner and managing broker John Meltzer said, "A location doesn't  make the company… but it sure helps."
During the recession, Meltzer and co-owner Jeff Follis bought the company with three other partners when the opportunity arose.
While belt-tightening and cutting costs were a necessity during recession years, Meltzer said the business managed to not lose money.
Two years ago, the market started to bottom out, according to Meltzer.
"The momentum has definitely changed," he said of the current market, noting that real estate prices remain relatively stable.
When the opportunity to purchase the new location at 133 N. Lena St. arose, they felt they had waited long enough, explained Meltzer.
Meltzer said experience, knowledge and judgment are three values with which the business seeks to distinguish itself.
"Everybody has a great deal of experience — not only in the area, but in real estate," said Meltzer.
"I guess we've been successful at using that to create successful contracts for our clients," he said.
The experienced team includes brokers Cathy Redmond and Charles D. Mueller in addition to Meltzer and Follis.
However, Follis, who serves on the Colorado Real Estate Network (CREN), no longer holds an active broker's license.
"Historically, we've been in land and homes," explained Meltzer, noting they are taking opportunities to expand into ranch brokerage as well.
With an increase in walk-in traffic at the new location, Meltzer feels the energy and action of the downtown location will help the business.
"We enjoy the office, it's comfortable," he commented.
Ridgway Real Estate will also launch a new website in coming weeks.