OURAY COUNTY: Local historian passes away

Doris Gregory celebrated her 90th birthday at the Beaumont Hotel in 2007.

By Sheridan Block

Expert historian, researcher and author Doris Gregory passed away in Montrose on May 24. Considered a leading authority on local history, Gregory played a vital role in preserving knowledge of Ouray County’s rich background.

“She spent the rest of her life (after retirement) just researching the local history,” said Ouray County Historical Society board member Gail Saunders.
Before penning nearly a dozen books on the county, Gregory worked in education for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Carl, purchased a vacation home in Ouray after having frequented the Western Slope for several years. Their summer home on Oak Street belonged to George Wright, one of the brothers who established the city’s historic Wright Opera House.
Gregory’s new home prompted her interest in local history, and her extensive research led to the publishing of two of her first historical books: “Houses on Oak Street: A Walk Into History” (1982) and “History of the Wright Opera House” (1983).
“(The Wright House) started her love of Ouray County’s history,” said Saunders.
Son Dorwin Gregory said his mother was always fascinated by the history of Western Colorado. Gregory researched nearly everything about Ouray, from historic buildings and structures to long lineages of local families and the booming mining industry of the city, Dorwin said. She had a thirst for knowledge that could be quenched only by learning more and more about the small mountain community.
From her personal studies of the community, Gregory...

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