TOWN OF RIDGWAY New commercial design regulations

By Bill Tiedje

New commercial design guidelines and regulations, including requirements for signs and parking lot development such as paving and landscaping, were adopted unanimously by the Ridgway Town Council on May 14.

The guidelines focused on maintaining the unique character of Ridgway's General Commercial and Historic Business districts, in a manner similar to the design of existing historic buildings.
Adopted via ordinance, the regulations included new requirements for commercial development, such as a ban on fully illuminated signs, paved off-street parking requirements for developments with more than 20 spaces and a number of changes to size limits in the GC and HB Zones, as reported previously in the Plaindealer.
Councilor Rick Weaver questioned what the difference was between the recommended guidelines and the accompanying mandatory ordinance.
"I'm a little confused here," Weaver remarked. "You are saying it's just guidelines, but if we pass the ordinance, those guidelines become mandatory. What's the point in making guidelines if they are not mandatory?"

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