Flipping from democracy to tyranny

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Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Jason Michael Gunning’s letter last week, allow me to set his mind, and perhaps others, at ease. Yes, Mr. Gunning, I am well qualified to address matters of presidential history.  Notwithstanding your rather clumsy attempt to discredit me, followed by your own chest-puffing as a bona fide historian, if you had done a few seconds of research you would have found that my doctorate was earned in diplomatic history and that my current position is senior fellow at the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University  Further, as a research professor, if I were to grade the balance of your letter I would have written “thin,” “overreaching,” and “contradictory” in the margins of your arguments that followed. But enough about you, history and me.
The larger point here, that I attempted to make at the end of my letter regarding Mr. Skalla’s unfortunate errors in language and attribution, is that just because the votes go against you does not mean that the form of government has suddenly flipped from democracy to tyranny. It is not that complicated. It simply means you lost. I would encourage you, Mr. Skalla and Mr. Hobbs to suppress your inner bullies and summon that better self, lurking somewhere, and move forward with a sense of dignity, respect and grace. I assure you that while it may feel lousy today, there will be better tomorrows for you and everyone else in the Ridgway School District.

William Steding, PhD
Senior Fellow, Center for Presidential History
Southern Methodist University
Resident: Pleasant Valley