OURAY COUNTY State waste tire law updated

A flash flood that occurred on July 26, 2011, washed these tires, plus hundreds more, down the Uncomphagre River. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment determined the tires were improperly disposed of on property owned by Laurence "Butch" Gunn.

Plaindealer file photo

By Bill Tiedje

As the county waits for state approval of its tire cleanup project on the property of Laurence “Butch” Gunn, a bill updating the state's waste tire program has passed the Colorado House and Senate.

House Bill 14-1352 will reorganize the state's waste tire program by eliminating a double payment for waste tire use rebates and speeding up tire recycling at waste tire monofills.
The bill will eliminate waste tire funding for law enforcement and prevention grants as well as a waste tire market development fund, while directing a significantly larger portion of waste tire monies to waste administration, enforcement and cleanup.
The waste tire fee, paid by consumers for each new tire purchased, will decrease from $1.50 to $.55 per tire, effective Jan. 1, 2018.

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