Clearing the air

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Dear Editor,
This is in response to the letter written by Jill Kneeland Mihelich in the
April 24 edition. I was born and raised in Ouray County. Every spring
ranchers burn the dead grass out of their ditches to be able to irrigate;
without it the water will not flow through the ditches. Dead grass in the
fields is also burnt to allow a better growth of grass. There is a need to
burn the ditches for the ranchers. If Ms Mihelich was raised on a farm where
there was no need to burn ditches, and she has a problem with the smoke
emitted, then maybe Ms. Mihelich needs to move back where she came from.
I sympathize that she has an allergy, but I don't feel it is more important
than the ranchers burning their ditches to be able to irrigate and make a
living of their ranch.
Thanks so much for hearing a rancher's point of view.

Allen Hudson