A fountain of platitudes

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Dear Editor,    
If you have walked past the new Ridgway stage lately you might have noticed some construction near the town offices. I asked construction workers what was being built and was told it was a water fountain. It was news to me as I try to stay abreast of town developments. But, I am a busy father, husband and business owner so maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. It is kind of shocking to me as I was under the impression that our little town of Ridgway was trying to set an example of what small towns can and should be. I guess I thought we and our town leaders had a focus on living within our means and being a good steward of the planet. At least I think I heard these platitudes from earlier town councils and mayors. What are we doing when we build a structure that will continuously consume kilowatts of energy and spout fountains of water in the air only to be evaporated into the atmosphere. We live in the southwest, where water should be conserved and used wisely. I would prefer the thousands of dollars spent on this monument go to planting more trees, adding more benches, thereby encouraging people to walk rather than watching a monument to perpetual energy consumption. If you agree, let’s petition our town council to make this structure a planter or small garden. Stop wasting our tax dollars and building monuments from a bygone era.

Larry Falk