CITY OF OURAY: Community policing program to rely on citizen involvement

Citizen Margaret Henderson talks with Police Chief Justin Perry and Officer Justin Crandall

By Sheridan Block

Ouray’s year-long police department overhaul continues to make progress as the department looks to implement its new “community policing” program.

According to Police Chief Justin Perry, community policing is a “policing philosophy” based on the belief that law enforcement could be effective at controlling criminal-related problems only if the department worked closely with the public. It is an effort that includes the elements of citizen input, broad function, personal service, prevention emphasis, positive interaction, re-oriented operations and organizational structure. Additionally, the methodology of community policing is based on the “SARA” model: Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment.
“This synergism is the most effective method of policing,” said Perry, adding that many quantitative and qualitative studies have proven to support the program. “Once police and the public have established strong bonds of trust and respect for one another, they can solve any problem that arises, irrespective of how great or small it might be.”

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