Apologies for vandalism

Dear Editor,
I am the case manager for Ouray County Juvenile Services. I am currently working with the three kids who vandalized the skate park in Ridgway and I am writing today to ask if you would be willing to publish the apology letters they wrote to the community. I have included them below. As they are juveniles, we have omitted the youths' names. 

Dear Town of Ridgway,
I am so very sorry for vandalizing the skate park. I so grateful for the opportunity that we even have a skate park in our little town. I give a really big apology to the people that go to the skate park and the people that go on walks. I’m committed to cleaning it up and I will not do anything like it again.

Dear Town,
I am sorry for spray painting the skate park. I am deeply sorry for my mistake and hope to fix it. I will never spray paint the skate park again because it made members of our community sad, angry, and un-wanted. Thank you for your time.

Dear Community,
I would like to tell all of you in the community of Ridgway that I am truly sorry for the harm that me and my friends caused at the skate park. I now realize that this is not a way to have fun. I take it back and I promise to never do it again. Cross my heart. Please forgive us. We are truly, truly sorry.

Jennie Thomas
Case Manager
San Miguel and Ouray County Juvenile Services