Addressing Alpine Zone regulations

Dear Editor,
By Resolution 2016-018, the Board of County Commissioners has referred to the Planning Commission the issue of potential regulations addressing residential development on patented mining claims and mill sites in Ouray County at or above an elevation of 9500 feet. The BOCC asked the Planning Commission to make its recommendations by August 1, 2016. The Resolution outlines the process to be followed and raises 18 specific questions to be answered.
The Planning Commission’s proposed schedule is: June 7 5-8 p.m. review first nine questions; June 15 1-4 p.m. review remaining nine questions; June 21 6-8 p.m. staff to propose changes to the Land Use Code which will incorporate PC responses to the 18 questions; July 19 7 p.m. PC will hold a public hearing on the proposed changes and will deliberate and make a recommendation to the BOCC.
The Planning Commission work sessions are informal in nature and provide an opportunity for staff to present background information that will assist the Planning Commission. The public is welcome to attend and 15 minutes will be reserved at the end of each work session for public comment. Depending on the number of people who wish to speak the time for each comment may be limited. Written public comment and questions are encouraged and should be submitted to the Land Use Staff at least two working days prior to work sessions. Work sessions will be held at the County Land Use Office on Mall Road. The PC public hearing scheduled on July 19 will be held at the 4-H Event Center.
All materials being considered by the PC, including but not limited to BOCC Resolution 2016-018, San Juan County’s regulation, San Miguel County’s regulation and a memorandum by the county attorney on High Alpine Development, Regulation and Restrictions, can be obtained from the Land Use staff or viewed on the county website.
It is the intention of the BOCC and the Planning Commission that this process be as open and transparent as possible. While the time available at each work session for public comment is limited, both written and verbal comments will be considered at the public hearing. Your opinions matter. Thank you.


Randy Parker, Chair
Ouray County Planning Commission