Abundant snowfall accompanied by equal amounts of shoveling

by Dalton Carver

While the RAMP project that revitalized Ridgway’s downtown streets has been complete for almost two years, 2019 is the first year the new roads and sidewalks have been hit with a significant amount of snow. While that’s good news for moisture and drought conditions as the region heads toward spring, it also means residents have had to dig out the snow shovels from the back of their garages and hit the sidewalks.
The town has established a hierarchy prioritizing which streets get initial attention when a snow storm graces Ridgway. Starting sometimes as early as 3 a.m., Ridgway’s snow removal crew will begin the plowing process in the downtown area until 6 a.m., when they turn their attention to the following areas:
• Schools
• Collector streets
• Businesses
• Residential neighborhoods
• Critical public sidewalks
“The first priority (after downtown) is schools – we want to make sure parents and kids have a safe way to get to school,” said Chase Jones, services administrator for public works. “Then we go to our collector streets, including Railroad and Amelia.”
Pitching in: Snow removal responsibilities for property owners
Although the town is responsible for many sidewalks and streets within Ridgway, property owners and businesses share that burden, too. Property owners are responsible for ...

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